The business world is an interconnected trading platform which connects small business and big business. The portal is aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as procurement officers. SME’s are able to load their profiles and showcase their services to large business procurement. Procurement are able to post jobs, tenders and initiate bids amongst verified small businesses.
The Business World understands the needs of small businesses, offering business support and a guided verification process which provides consistent feedback. Access to leads is a priority for small business, who often struggle with cash flow issues – the second level of development which will allow for customer related bids for smaller jobs will secure regular work for SME’s. Once SME’s are on the portal, it is up to them what level of verification and recommendation they wish to achieve.
The Business World understands the needs of procurement departments, who are experiencing increased pressure from local legislation to procure locally from verified black suppliers. The Business World is firstly a national directly of verified suppliers, and secondly a trading platform which allows big business to start building a repository of verified small business with a greater chance of securing supply order financing.