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  • “I would like to thank the Business World team for their assisting me while I was struggling to register my company on the Business World site –I must say I was a bit sceptic in the beginning when I was told about the free marketing site that would be offering me so much beyond the basic tenders only and all for free; I now am using the site and I have no regrets as I receive emails alerting me of any progress towards my business profile and what more I can benefit and how.”
    Sandi Msimang - Director of Leauoa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • ''The Business World is a platform which I can describe as the FUTURE. It’s the best online trading platform with a lot of opportunities and through the Business World I have managed to link up with a lot of clients who are looking for the services I offer and with the help of dedicated consultants, especially Bryne Nduru, who is always efficient and prompt to respond to my queries. Service delivery is great and I would recommend anyone to use The Business World any day.'' 
    Vuvu Bengane - CEO Siya Phambili Stationery & Print
  • ''2015 has been a great year for Multilingual Giant, thanks to TBW for the efficient service and great support team from its consultants. We have increased our clientele base as we connect with a lot of clients who look for services we offer. I was even assisted with a BEE affidavit which makes it easier for us to trade with big businesses all over the country.''
    Marilyne Petnji - CEO Multilingual Giant
  • ''Running a beauty salon part time when you have another full time job is always a stressful exercise, but ever since I registered with the Business World, my business has flourished in a very short time, networking with a lot of clients, buyers and suppliers of different products that are of importance to my business and what makes it good is dealing with BEE compliant companies, allows vendor status invitations to start providing services and constant business.''
    Mathapelo Phakwago - CEO Ithabise Beauty Salon
  • “I recently took my pension and I took a very committed decision to open my own business because I have had a passion to cater the world with the best of vegetable made consumable goods that I hope in the future can be sold at big markets like Fruit and Veggie and Pick n Pay. I am very happy to have spoken to one of The Business World consultants who has been very kind, by assisting me in registering my company on ‘The Business World’ and in general – She is currently also assisting me with funding hubs”.
    Lillian - Director of LM signature food products
  • “I am happy using the Business World platform for the growth of my business and job alerts that keep the daily running of the business manageable because as a mining company vendor I have many responsibilities within the business and on site to make sure daily that we keep the business going and to do that I have to have operational funds, which I have been struggling to access until one of the South32 consultants helped me find some funding portals to register on”.
    Solomon - Director of Solomons Motor Parts